Stay on Target with Gauntlet™

Improve the efficacy of your spray applications with Gauntlet™

When you’re applying a treatment, you need to know that the spray is getting to the target plant—not bouncing off or drifting onto other crops. Reducing airborne losses also increases the amount of active ingredients that can reach your plants. Gauntlet™ controls spray droplet size to reduce drift, promote adhesion, and increase canopy penetration. This eco-friendly adjuvant is non-toxic and compatible with most tank mixes.

  1. Standardize the spray pattern and reduce droplet bounce-off

    Modifies droplet size to reduce “fines” (droplets smaller than 105 microns) and increase spray velocity for better canopy penetration.

  2. Improve containment of treatment to target and reduce injury to crops and other non-target plants

    Reduces off-target movement that would lead to crop damage.

  3. Enhance plant uptake of active ingredients

    Uses oil-derived, self-emulsifying adjuvant that’s eco-friendly, nontoxic, and compatible with most tank mixes.

  4. Decrease amount of droplets small enough to drift on the wind

    Decreases airborne drift and bounce-off.

  5. Increase leaf surface adhesion and canopy penetration

    Promotes crop safety as a non-phytotoxic and nonionic surfactant.

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Gauntlet Power plus MAXClarity

Gauntlet with PowerMAX and Clarity


Effect of Gauntlet™ (0.25%) on Control of ABUTH by PowerMAX® & Clarity® (22+11 oz/ac)

Effect of Gauntlet on Control of ABUTH by PowerMAX and Clarity jpg


Stay on target with Gauntlet™

Recommended Rates
Spray Application Rates
5–20 gals/ac .................................. 2–3 oz/ac
> 20 gals/ac .................................... 10 oz/ac