TOLERO™ on Strawberries

16% Increase in fruit yield

PHT Strawberry bunch

Strawberries perform best in sandy, well-drained soils and are grown in raised beds to avoid root rot. Strawberry plants have shallow root systems and require consistent moisture throughout the growing season.Drip irrigation is generally used in commercial strawberry production because it keeps moisture away from the fruit and prevents disease. TOLERO,™ an irrigation injection surfactant, maintains water in the plant root zone, which increases yields while decreasing the use of water and the energy needed to operate irrigation pumps.


Tolero Yield Increase Strawberries

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Performance Data - Strawberry

Increased Fruit Yield
A strawberry crop in Citrus County, Florida, was treated with TOLERO in the drip irrigation system. Four applications were made at three-week intervals in fine, sandy loam. The result was a total fruit yield increase of 443g/plot, an increase of 16%.

Irrigation frequency: Applied at 100% of growers standard for 60 minutes once or twice per day.
Application rate: 1 quart per acre, followed by applications of 1 pint per acre.

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