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Reduced Crop Inputs

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Moisture stress in tomatoes can damage the plant’s roots, flowers, and fruit. The most critical stages for consistent soil moisture are at transplanting, flowering, and fruit development. Studies conclude that irrigated tomatoes treated with TOLERO™ display improved plant health, increased yield, and reduced root zone compaction, while allowing the grower to conserve water and the energy needed to pump it. 


Tolero Tomato Increase Fruit Yield

Tolero Tomato Reduced Soil Compaction

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Reduced Crop Inputs
TOLERO™ increases fruit quality and crop yield while improving the grower’s return on invested inputs. This includes a reduction in water requirements, which results in less fuel or electricity for irrigation pumps as well as the environmental
benefits of reduced water consumption. Two ways a grower can reduce the use of irrigation water with TOLERO are by decreasing irrigation times or increasing time between watering.

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