AVAIL® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer increases the efficiency of your phosphorus (P) fertilizer no matter how—or when—you apply it.

Research shows that most of your untreated phosphorus becomes fixed in the soil, AVAIL® keeps it more available to your growing crops. Give yourself application flexibility and a better return on your phosphorus investment by including AVAIL® with your phosphate applications.

The effectiveness of AVAIL® is influenced by multiple factors including soil pH, free lime %, soil test P, and your P application rate. Download our worksheet below to calculate your likelihood of seeing an economic response based on your conditions, and view recommendations to help improve efficient phosphate use.

Help your crop reach its full potential

Download the Worksheet

Potential AVAIL response in relationship to soil pHPotential AVAIL response in % free lime

Potential AVAIL response in relationship to soil test PPotential AVAIL response in relationship to P application rate (based on crop removal)

AVAIL® provides effective protection for both dry and liquid phosphorus fertilizers.

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