Optimize Metam Sodium Applications with AD-SORB RST®


Metam sodium, an active ingredient in many soil fumigants, is critical in preventing Early Die Complex (Verticillium and Black Dot) and suppressing nematode populations, which in turn improves potato yield and quality. However, metam sodium is a highly water-soluble product, requiring adequate soil moisture and uniform distribution to perform at optimal levels. Typical field conditions at fumigation have uneven moisture and/or compacted layers of soil. both factors work against metam sodium's mode of action, decreasing efficacy, and thus reducing the value growers get out of this costly application.


Adding AD-SORB RST® to metam sodium applications improves fumigation infiltration and penetration. AD-SORB RST® is formulated with several key active ingredients:

  • Flash wetter: Helps eliminate moisture surface tension

  • Co-polymer surfactant: Soil moisture retention

  • Reverse block co-polymer surfactant: Rewets for 4-6 weeks

AD-Sorb RST with Metam Agronomic Results Data Table on Potatoes


Increased Yield and Quality with AD-SORB RST® in Potatoes Shank Applications with Metam Sodium

Dr. Saad Hafez, Idaho State Nematologist, University of Idaho Research and Experiment Center

Experiments were conducted to determine whether the addition of AD-SORB RST to metam
sodium applications improved the efficacy of soil fumigation application. Different treatments were
applied to compare the impact AD-SORB RST had on quality improvement and yield performance.

The experiments were conducted in a randomized, complete block design with five treatments and one untreated control. Each treatment had five replications in a silt loam field. Prior to fumigation, the average initial population density of Columbia root-knot nematode was 352 per 500 cc soil.
The metam sodium treatments were applied by a commercial application fumigation bar, to a depth of 12–14 inches. AD-SORB RST was mixed with Metam CLR at a rate of 2 to 4 quarts/acre.

Treatments with AD-SORB RST have consistently produced improved yields and quality as compared to treatments of metam sodium alone and untreated controls. In the table below, results from 2013 highlight a 75 cwt increase in clean yield when AD-SORB RST was added at a rate of 2 quarts per acre as compared to a standard metam treatment. When AD-SORB RST was used at a rate of 4 quarts per acre, clean yield increased by 100 cwt. Percentage of infected yield drops to 6.5% and 5.4% respectively.

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