Low foaming, non-ionic surfactant

AD-MAX 90™ is a low-foaming, non-ionic activator adjuvant designed to improve the effectiveness of pesticides requiring the use of a nonionic surfactant.

  1. Enhances pesticide performance by improving spray solution coverage and penetration of target leaf surfaces

  2. Protect product from freezing, if it does freeze, warm to room temperature and agitate before use.

  3. Dosage rates can be adjusted based on your specific needs - lower doses for enhancing wetting characteristics and coverage and higher doses to enhance coverage and penetration of targeted leaf surface.

Directions and Usage

The addition of adjuvants to some pesticides and / or fertilizers and their tank mixes may cause phytotoxicity to the foliage and/or fruit of desirable crops. Before using Ad-Max 90, the applicator or crop advisor must have experience with the pesticide combination, including Ad-Max 90, or must have conducted a phytotoxicity test.
Shake well before using.
See product label for dosage and addition information.