Low pH calcium acetate

PHT Cal Ace 10™ is a liquid Calcium formulation for the prevention and correction of Calcium deficiencies. Use PHT Cal Ace 10™ in conjunction with existing soil and foliar nutritional programs for all crops requiring Calcium.

  1. Compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides

  2. Compatibility test is recommended if desired combination has not been previously used


Calcium (Ca)

Directions and Usage

Add 1/3 of water to tank, add other additives, if any; add balance of water, agitate. Add appropriate amount of PHT Cal Ace™ 10.
Foliar Applications: Use 1 - 2 qts. PHT Cal Ace™ 10 per acre per application using a minimum of 10 gallons of water as a carrier. Multiple applications throughout the growing season are recommended as a maintenance program. Best results occur when applications thoroughly cover actively growing plants. More applications will be necessary to help correct deficiencies once they occur.
DO NOT APPLY to plants suffering from moisture or heat stress.
Soil Application: Use 4 - 8 qts. PHT Cal Ace™ 10 per acre as a preplant or sidedress application. Aerial Application: Use 1/2 - 1 qt. PHT Cal Ace™ 10 per acre with at least 5 gallons of water. For best results, multiple applications throughout the growing season are recommended.
For Field and Vegetable Crops: Apply desired rate throughout the growing season at regular intervals. For Tree and Vine Crops: Start applications early in the growing season pre-bloom, then continue post bloom throughout the season as required.