100% EDTA chelated micronutrient - calcium

PHT Che-Calcium 3% is fully chelated and in a form readily available to plants. PHT Che-Calcium 3% is compatible with most pesticides. Use the standard jar test to determine compatibility.

  1. Most effective when placed in the root zone during planting or moved into the soil by irrigation

  2. It is important that the calcium deficiency be treated before visual symptoms appear

  3. Rates of application will vary depending upon the severity of the deficiency, climate and soil conditions.


Total Nitrogen (N)
Calcium (Ca)

Directions and Usage

PHT Che-Calcium 3% can be applied to the soil alone or in combination with dry or liquid fertilizer. PHT Che-Calcium 3% is recommended to correct deficiencies in crops and ornamentals and designed for the following uses: (1) Mixing with liquid fertilizers for pre-emergence or post-emergence application; (2) Mixing with liquid fertilizers; (3) Application in irrigation water, either alone or in combination with fertilizers and/or pesticides; (4) Mixing with pesticide spray solutions for soil application; (5) Application either alone or as a component in other liquid mixtures where soil application is otherwise impractical.
The following rates are recommended:
Mild Deficiency: 1-2 pints per acre
Moderate Deficiency: 3-4 pints per acre
Severe Deficiency: 5-8 pints per acre Add PHT Che-Calcium 3% to the tank first when applied with a pesticide.