Liquid humic acid used to enhance micronutrient uptake

A proprietary liquid humate product that is designed to enhance overall soil and plant health. COMPOSE® is high in carbon, which helps to feed existing soil microbes and improve soil health. COMPOSE® is best used as an additive to liquid fertilizer applications and is compatible with most neutral to high pH fertilizers.

Compose Liquid humic acid
  1. Increase efficiency of liquid fertilizers

  2. Improves water infiltration

  3. Increase the availability of complex micronutrients to plants while buffering the salt effect of applied fertilizers


Soluble Potash (K2O)
Humic Acid

Directions and Usage

Potential Applications
• Nitrogen leaching—sandy/loose textured soils
• Phosphate tie-up—high calcareous/high pH soil, high Al/Fe/low pH soils
• Potassium—high magnesium or heavy clay soils
• Sulfur—stimulates microbial conversion process into sulfuric acid
• Low organic matter soils—adds the active ingredient of organic matter (soluble humus)
• Sodic/saline soils—buffers the salt effect on roots/plants
• Water infiltration issue—opens tight and compacted soils