Fertilizer-compatible granular humic acid used to enhance micronutrient uptake

A proprietary dry granular humate designed to enhance nutrient uptake and efficiency while amending the soil. When combined with dry fertilizers, COMPOSE® DC enhances overall soil and plant health by biologically stimulating root growth and soil microbes, ultimately helping to provide higher yields.

Compose DC Granular Humic Acid
  1. Works best as a concentrated humic acid fertilizer additive and/or standalone soil amendment

  2. With its proprietary low-dust coating, COMPOSE® DC provides excellent compatibility with most dry fertilizer, including blending with urea


Humic Acid

Directions and Usage

Potential Applications
• Nitrogen leaching—sandy/loose textured soils
• Phosphate tie-up—high calcareous/high pH soils, high Al/Fe/low pH soils
• Potassium—high magnesium or heavy clay soils
• Sulfur—stimulates microbial conversion process into sulfuric acid
• Low organic matter soils—adds the active ingredient of organic matter (soluble humus)
• Sodic/saline soils—buffers the salt effect on roots/plants
• Water infiltration issue—opens tight and compacted soils