Liquid chelated iron that combats iron chlorosis

Red Vigor™ combines a high-quality liquid 2% EDDHSA ortho-ortho iron chelate to support early iron demand with a proprietary blend of micronutrients and metabolites designed to support and maximize iron availability in soils susceptible to iron-deficiency chlorosis (IDC).

  1. Superior EDDHSA formulation contains new and improved iron chelation

  2. Maximize plant health and yield potential in field with history of iron-deficiency chlorosis

  3. Easy to blend, excellent tank-mix compatibility


Sulfur (S)
Iron (Fe)

Directions and Usage

Red Vigor™ is designed to maximize iron availability in the soil rhizosphere and to prevent iron deficiencies in crops grown in soils with low levels of available iron. For best results, concentrate Red Vigor™ in-furrow applications. It can also be used during the growing season through controlled irrigation systems that do not allow water source contamination from backflow. When applied through an irrigation system Red Vigor­™ must be injected after sand media filters. Use Red Vigor™ in soils with a history of iron chlorosis. The use of a sensitive crop, such as soybeans, can help to identify soils where other crops may be also be affected by early season iron deficiencies. Iron deficiencies can be found in high calcareous soils, although cool, wet conditions early in the season can show iron deficiencies even when adequate levels of iron are shown in soil testing.