Irrigation injection surfactant - increases soil water availability and improves soil water holding capacity

TOLERO™ can help improve irrigation efficiency by increasing the soil’s ability to hold water in the root zone. TOLERO™ accomplishes this with a unique blend of water management technologies that perform in two key ways: Water-moving surfactants that help disperse water into the root zone and water-retaining surfactants that help hold water in the root zone.

  1. Increases water available in the root zone for up to three to four weeks

  2. Improves water retention, which helps minimize the potential for crop stress

  3. Conserves water by reducing irrigation duration and increasing intervals between watering

Directions and Usage

• Apply TOLERO™ at rate of 1 quart/acre.
• Make subsequent applications at rate of 1 pint/acre.
• Rates may be adjusted to meet the needs of the crop, based on soil type and conditions.
• Please see the label for crop-specific application recommendations.

Product Video

Columbia Basin Tolero Testimonial